Who Is Jay Gudda?

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Art can be defined as the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination. No one artist has embodied that definition like Jay Gudda. These days, in mainstream hip hop, it seems to be all about, money, cars, women, fame and drugs. Jay Gudda goes against the grain and tells more than just a story, he tells his truths. This form of art whether music or otherwise takes a unique and independent mind. Jay Gudda is certainly that now, but it has been a long and hard road to get to that place in his life.

Jay grew up in a small town in the State of New Hampshire. During these younger years is where he really discovered his influences and his passion for his craft. “In my childhood days, one of my favorites was the band Nirvana. I always enjoyed the darker messages in music, the songs and artists who had deeper meaning through their work, just like I try to incorporate into my music today”. It would be later, during his middle and high school years  where Jay finally fell in love with hip-hop. “ I grew up in a very strict household. My stepfather had a very set and strict set of rules, so I spent the majority of my life in my room because I couldn’t adhere to his standards most times. This is where I discovered and fell in love with hip-hop. The 1st  hip-hop album I ever listened to was Country Grammar by Nelly and from there it was off to the races.”

Jay became a man possessed, taking all of that love and fire within himself for music and intertwining it into his daily life. “I truly am in love with my craft and my art. It is a huge part of who I am”, Jay says, “The numbers, the money, the fame, that is all secondary compared to the love for what I do and the way I use  to get through whatever it is I am going through at the time I create, good or bad.” 

This message has never been more clear than in Jay’s new single,  “Etcetera”. Like countless amounts of people in this world, Jay suffers from manic depression. Depression is an undeniably exhausting mental health issue. Having suffered from it myself, I can tell you that it drives the best of people to the brink of sheer madness. Jay has taken his battle with depression and used this new single as a vessel to deliver his thoughts to whoever listens. He says “Look, I want to make this as much about my art and my craft as possible. If this song and any other of my work resonates with you, that’s a great thing.”

When all is said and done, Jay Gudda is an artist in every sense of the word. Whatever he is going through is not what defines him. What defines Jay Gudda is his passion and love for the art within his music. If his words are a paintbrush and the beat is the canvas, then his new single “Etcetera” could only be considered his masterpiece.


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