White Mike of the notorious “Crate Challenge” breaks wrist and was unable to complete challenge live on air

by | Sep 8, 2021 | Editorial Pick, Hood News, Latest, Trending, Worldwide News

When folks think about what is trending on the internet it is likely the “Crate Challenge” that first comes to mind. This fun but deadly game has led to a handful of legends being etched into the Internet’s hallowed halls of time, but to vast majority it has been a life changing mistake. One man, White Mike, completed the challenge while rolling a marijuana cigar more commonly referred to as a blunt, atop the stack of crates. The moment was captured on an appreciative friends iPhone and went so viral that Mike literally garnered his aptly named nick name, “The Logo”.

The Ryan Show FM had White Mike booked for his first ever interview last Monday night, but to the surprise of the crew Mike was unable. Check out this video below o see what went down!