Tom Brady Demands Excellence

by | Jan 29, 2021 | Editorial Pick, Sports Report | 1 comment

Simply put, Tom Brady’s impact on the Bucs has been nothing short of amazing. In just his first year under center with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he has managed to help lead this team to a Superbowl. In his 20th season, this “old man” managed to throw 4633 yards, (third in the NFL) and 40 TDs, only second to Aaron Rodgers. Those are great stats for a 43-year-old quarterback, but I am not here to talk about Brady’s numbers. I want to address the impact he has had on his teammates and the Buccaneers organization as a whole.

One of the defining moments of this season for the Bucs was during the week 5 match up against the Chicago Bears. Tom Brady was caught profusely yelling at Bucs center Ryan Jensen after he was called for an unnecessary roughness penalty. The penalty contributed to a stalled drive, which was late in the third quarter in a game the Bucs would eventually lose. A spectacle was made about the incident where people were questioning if Brady was out of line for his actions. Looking back, that is exactly what the Bucs needed. Tom’s perceived anger was in all reality just pure passion, coming from a man that has dedicated his whole life to football excellence. In that moment, Jensen and the Bucs team as a whole got a glimpse of what the GOAT demands from every player on the team. Brady’s passion and commitment for greatness has been infectious in the Bucslocker-room and the evidence of it should not be ignored. 

The Bucs proceeded to go on a 5 game winning streak after the Bears game. They would eventually finish the season with a very respectable 11-5 record. For all the talk about the Bucs having a “stacked team”, one thing that is clearly overlooked is the fact that although great talent is great to have and all, it means nothing if all the pieces don’t gel. Brady was brilliant in his willingness to spread the ball around in the offense. This gave young guys like Scottie Miller and Tyler Johnson the confidence to make big plays when their numbers were called. Again, this speaks volume to how important that is in having the Bucs’ players trust Brady and feel valued. This brings me to my next point, unlike with Winston; there is never a fear that Brady cannot overcome a deficit on the scoreboard. This mindset has propelled the Bucs’ offense new heights. It has allowed the skill position players to perform with a level of swagger and confidence that was not previously seen prior to Brady

In less than 2 weeks, the culmination of Tom Brady’s impact on the Bucs will be put to the test. In what will arguably be the best team he’s ever faced in the Superbowl in the Chiefs, Brady will have his work cut out for him in harnessing the full potential of every player on that Bucs roster one last time. Regardless of the outcome of this year’s Super Bowl, one thing is certain; Brady’s impact in that Bucs’ locker-room and his ability to effectively galvanize and demand excellence from his teammates is undeniable. Good luck Bucs.

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