North Carolina hip hop artist WONDR is on track for a life in the fast lane

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As Children, we often have a vivid image of what our dreams are pertaining to the rest of our lives. Some dream of being firefighters  or police or astronauts. For new musical sensation WONDR, it was no different. WONDR grew up with big aspirations of being a champion race car driver. He would often dream of winning the biggest races on the planet such as the ones held at Monaco and Daytona International Raceway. During a period of time in elementary school however, his visions and direction would take a completely different turn.

WONDR was given a copy of Petey Pablo’s “Diary Of A Sinner” and his first electric guitar at a very young age. After teaching himself how to play guitar via YouTube, he also expanded to other instruments such as the piano and drums. His eyes were officially opened to a brand new world of possibilities. His love and passion for racing never left him. Through his incredible production, writing and engineering skills, WONDR has been able to incorporate that first love into his work. Racing is not the only topic WONDR tackles, as he also cites his experiences in love, life and his own musical journey. 

Since harnessing the power within himself toward his new passion, WONDR has found tremendous success. His work has resulted in millions of streams, placement in video games, brand partnerships and a tremendously loyal fanbase known as RACE TEAM. You can expect some brand new hits from WONDR this month, complete with lyric videos that can be accessed at his YouTube channel (See Social Media Below). Never be afraid to expand and open your mind to all kinds of new possibilities, you never know where they may just take you.

WONDR Social Media:

IG/TikTok/Twitter/Facebook: @wondr94


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