Rock band Chainflower makes history on this weeks episode of The Ryan Show FM

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Listeners might notice something different about DJ Honky Wonky’s episode playlist going into this weeks edition of The Ryan Show FM. For the first time in history, his episode playlist has a rock song on it! American rock band Chainflower made history this week by becoming the first ever band under the rock genre to bless the radio waves on the FM radio program. Their new single “She Rides Fire” inspired the critically acclaimed disc jockey DJ Honky Wonky to make this incredible change. “It is rare for us to spin rock on our pro-dominantly hip hop radio program, but hearing their powerful delivery, unique sound and the emotionally invoking voice of lead singer Syd Duran made me feel it was finally time for a good ole fashioned genre bending” said Honky Wonky when asked about the switch up.

This week the entire band appeared on The Ryan Show FM as fan favorite Rocko Fowler took the reins with comedian Matteo Pascale to conduct the interview on his all new Fowler Files segment. The show delved into the origins, multiple accomplishments and rich history of the band members all while maintaining Rocko’s controversial takes on the world. The interview will be set to premiere this Thursday evening at 10 PM EST on 98.1 FM Urban Heat in Boston.

For now we would recommend leaving this write up and visiting the link directly below to peep their new song “She Rides Fire”. Join us again on our Instagram pre-show this Thursday evening before the premiere of The Ryan Show FM live and direct from our Instagram live channel @theryanshowlive. The music video for “She Rides Fire” will be released this week so be sure to subscribe to their youtube channel so you don’t miss it!

For a full schedule of radio stations where you can hear Chainflower’s interview on The Ryan Show FM click here.



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