RNB sensation Crisis Fresh has embodied the essence of Minneapolis

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Since 2020 Minneapolis has been the focal point of a major American social justice reform. The murder of George Floyd sent shockwaves through the city, resulting in civil disgust, unrest and in extreme cases looting. There is an unprecedented weight attached to the looming decision in the trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin. Nobody knows this better than Minnesota born and bred singer/songwriter Crisis Fresh. This week on The Ryan Show Live, Fresh spoke of what it’s like creating music under these dire circumstances and the energy around his neighborhood. He also spoke of the five degrees of separation between himself and George Floyd and reflected on how his tragedy has changed left a permanent scar of the city forever.

Minneapolis might have just entered the minds of many due to current events but the music scene of the city has been brewing since the golden era. In a style that his fans have deemed “hood harmony”, Crisis has truly found his voice and learned to harness his own distinct sound. Having to monetize his brand far away from a major “industry city” has helped shape his tremendous work ethic. To help fund his independent business endeavors Crisis has started both his own sanitizer and cologne line. Don’t worry ladies, he’s got something for you too (animal byproduct free)!

Growing in Minneapolis helped Crisis Fresh in a handful of ways, including his ability to take on his own unique sound without the hinderance of having to adhere to a regionally based style. Influences like Nate Dogg helped inspire him by making singing more palatable to a street hardened individual used to rapping. Now that the city of Minneapolis is getting more national attention than ever before, artists in the region now have an even bigger spotlight to shine. Crisis Fresh has stepped up and filled the void for the genre bending sound that really captures the essence of his hometown. His new album R N B GAWD is a perfect culmination of his musical abilities, life experiences and Minneapolis energy all cooked into a must hear recipe.


Crisis Fresh Interview on The Ryan Show Live



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