Professional Wrestler Austin Aries holds no punches on lunches

by | Oct 19, 2021 | Editorial Pick, Latest, Sports Report, Trending, Worldwide News

Austin Aries is best known for his time spent upon the pinnacle of professional wrestling. He is a former 3-time Impact Wrestling world champion, 6-time Impact X Division champion, and the first multi-time Ring Of Honor world champion. He also spent time in the WWE cruiserweight division. Austin Aries has another talent as well. He is also an accomplished author. The 2017 release of his book “Food Fight: My Plant-Powered Journey From The Bingo Halls To The Big Time” marked his authorial debut, though it probably wasn’t quite one you would expect from a professional wrestler.

Instead “Food Fight” was a journey into the societal attitudes toward food and the decisions we make surrounding it. Of course, Aries touched on his journey into wrestling but the main focus what the decisions he made nutritionally to reach the levels he reached in his life. “Food is a decision we make several times a day, each day.” Aries says “How come it isn’t THE MOST important decision we make? We’re trying to find all these cures and solutions to physical ailments, yet we talk about everything except food. It doesn’t make sense.”

To be clear, “Food Fight” is not an attempt by Aries to convert anyone to veganism or his way of doing things. It is a memoir and a testimony wrapped into one. It is about what worked for him and how it contributed to his success. The book also engages the reader from start to finish, and makes one actually think about the nutritional choices we make each day. There is no word on if there will be a follow up to “Food Fight” from Aries or not but we can only hope that something similarly inquisitive and engaging will be coming soon.

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