Nems Continues to Make History with New Single “Congo”

by | Mar 7, 2022 | Editorial Pick, Latest, Music News | 0 comments

In 2021 Nems came out with his hit song ‘’ Congo.” What trended was his particular saying “Bing Bong.” Coming out of Coney Island he hosted Side talk amongst other things which caught buzz from Lil Nas x, Arvil Larvenge, and many more who took the phrase ‘’bing bong” to another status.

His hit Congo has brought on a new wave of teenage fans, and now the New York Knicks has the anthem of “bing bong” as their jingle. “The Crew League” because of News will host the 3rd season of the basketball tournament.

Nem has been giving back to his community since he came on the scene. For example, he has helped a man named TJ by providing him a house and raising over $30,000 on a go fund me to get him stabilized. Since then TJ has been keeping up with him, and Nem has been workin on other projects to do the same for others.

Thanks to Complex, Variety, Fox 5, and Angie Martinez his story can be told. As a lyricist and person for the people, his rise to stardom has already begun.

You can find his content on Spotify and all other major music distributors.


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