Milwaukee emcee Mally Mal aka Jamal Lewis is well on his way to becoming the city’s “People’s Champ”

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When people think of hip hop hot spots very few of them look up north in the direction of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. If hard work pays off and hustle completes the play then rising Milwaukee emcee Mally Mal is well on his way to changing that biased narrative. Between dropping bars at the drop of a dime and shamelessly promoting his craft at the workplace, Mally Mal brings a whole new meaning to guerrilla marketing tactics.  In a day and age where most of the youth is afraid to look up from their cell phones Mally has been able to use his people skills to both build his fan base in real life and open doors for outside opportunities.Although Mally technically only started recording music 5 months ago you would not be able to tell by looking at his organic results.

The pandemic has not slowed down Mally Mal’s progress nor has it declined the elevation of his self founded brand 075 Records. He is living proof that with enough hard work that anything can be achieved. Between his original music and merchandise Mally is en route to monetizing his brand and making a good living creating music for his fans. In the meantime local residents and patrons of the establishment can only be happy that their burgers and fried chicken come with a side of grade A BARS.



Mally Mal Interview on The Ryan Show Spotlight

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