Long Island musician Billy Giangrande’s single “Graduation” is more than your typical Tik Tok dance song

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The COVID-19 pandemic affected everybody. It didn’t matter if you were big or small, rich or poor, young or old – each person had to alter their life dramatically. It was especially hard for the students attending middle/high school that now faced the challenges of learning remotely. Children had their after school activities cancelled and graduation ceremonies stripped devoid of their usual glamorous festivities. It was at this time, when his daughter was set to graduate high school, that Long Island musician Bill Giangrande was inspired to write his new single “Graduation”. One would be surprised to know that it wasn’t necessarily the lack of graduation ceremonies that inspired this song but the other variables that go into a person graduating. At first glance, a graduation is a celebration of the person graduating. After a closer look into the success that leads up to graduation, one would see it is the outside variables such as parents, teachers and supporters that led up to that moment. It was this multidimensional beauty of the graduation process that inspired Bill to write his single.

Recently Tik Tok users saw this single go viral due to the popular remix by talented young pop star Nicole Michelle. When asked about what it felt like to have his music impacting a whole new generation of listeners Giangrande was quoted on The Spotlight podcast saying “It’s not what I expected to happen but it is beautiful to see every generation enjoying my music”. Although social media may be new waters for Giangrande, connecting with the younger audience isn’t. 

Bill’s masterful crowd work while performing as frontman of the popular Journey cover band, “Any Way You Want It“, has allowed him to connect with fans of all ages in unique ways such as pulling them on stage to recite lyrics or recite the obscure B-side singles. “Any Way You Want It” was making so much noise on the indie scene that at one point the reps of Journey personally reached out to remove their popular youtube content. When asked if the band was threatened by Giangrande’s spot-on impression of former Journey frontman Steve Perry he stated “I guess we’ll never know”.

Bill can be seen performing alongside popular Long Island musician Joseph Cumia as the Journey cover band Any Way You Want It all over the Tri-State area, For more information of where you catch Bill and his performing next check out his Facebook page.

The full interview of Bill Giangrande on The Spotlight can be viewed at the link below:

The Spotlight featuring Bill Giangrande


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