Genuwine Beauty is breaking barriers in the music industry and beyond

by | Mar 28, 2021 | Editorial Pick, Latest, Music News, Podcasts, Trending | 0 comments

Some could describe the past three years of Atlanta rising emcee Genuwine Beauty’s career as a “hard-fought battle”. Many artists drop like flies during the transition from amateur to professional musician, but this was not in the case of Genuwine. Facing these career and life threatening challenges only unlocked the potential within the rising star to create some of her most powerful music to date. 

Genuwine Beauty’s 2021 feature on Cinnamon Shenanigans was her latest way of flexing her versatility. Recently in an interview “The Ryan Show Spotlight” Genuwine made it clear she considers herself a no genre artist. When listening back on her body of work it is evident that she is able to utilize the many sounds of hip hop to invoke target emotions in her audience. 

For more info on Genuwine Beauty and links to her music follow the links below.


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