Buffalo, NY has TUFF STUFF

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The roots of hip-hop and rap have always been intertwined with the world of comics. The very nature of an Emcee standing before the masses microphone in hand harkens to the nature of heroes and villains. From Ghostface Killah’s persona as Tony Stark to the late MF DOOM as Viktor Vaughn, the world of comics has left its mark.

The city of Buffalo has experienced a national spotlight due to the hard-hitting music of groups such as Griselda, Black Soprano Family, and DrumWork Music Group. After years of trying to break into the national consciousness, the city had begun to receive the accolades it deserved. One individual particularly encompasses the rich relationship between music and the comicbook Universe, meet Kevin Delgado.

Having spent the last decade as an artist in the tight-knit community of Buffalo’s Hip-hop scene, the name Frigid Giant is extremely well known. From opening for countless major acts in Buffalo with his group, Green Giant alongside renowned producer Cee-Gee, Kevin Delgado had become an established name.

Inspiration often finds us during situations of intense personal or societal conflict, and the origin story for this comic artist is no exception. Speaking with Kevin I learned that the beginning of his serious pursuit of comic creation came after a debilitating injury. While in recovery from a debillitating back injury inspiration came to him in the form of a friend suggesting he attempt a 100-day drawing challenge. As the days went by and the drawings flew off the table, he knew this was something he had to pursue. With inspiration and help from friends, Kevin began to map out and mould the bones of what would become his series, Volantis. With eight issues already completed accolades and the respect of his peers came flooding in. Kevin has been commissioned for a plethora of art for the members of Griselda Records Black Soprano Family and DrumWork Music GroupDelgado also completed a mural on the wall of the legendary Buffalo Kids store in the Galleria Mall.

Fast forward to the event that affected us all deeply throughout the last year, the pandemic. As we huddled inside anxious and uncertain about what the future may hold, Kevin Delgado was fine-tuning the concept for his next comic endeavor. Being stuck inside during quarantine, he and his brother would play Tubi roulette where they would choose b-list action movies from the ’90s at random to watch. Out of a place of 90’s nostalgia that harkens to action heroes of old such as Snake Plissken, Tuff Stuff was born. Tuff Stuff is a homage to Delgado’s childhood and the love for cigarette smoking, machine-gun-toting, heroes of our youth. As television and media culture have exhausted the concept of the 80’s, Kevin saw a fresh lane.

The response to the creation of both Volantis and Tuff Stuff on the artists Kickstarter page has been overwhelming. Funding the project, he sells original pieces of the comic’s artwork as well as a variety of versions as an awesome incentive for those who contribute. He will be doing three Comic-Con appearances between now and fall. The first being Buffalo May 23 followed by Connecticut Mohegan July 30- August 1st and finally Baltimore October 22-24.

You can find the body of his work and commercial services on his website: http://www.kevindelgado.co/home.html ,

and follow him on Instagram @Solstice_art.


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