Buffalo Breeds Talent

by | Jul 11, 2021 | Music News

It’s no secret that Buffalo, NY’s music scene has had a profound impact on the hip-hop world in the past several years. Juggernaut record label and music coalition Griselda being the most notable, have left listeners and critics alike in awe with their revitalization of the 90’s boom-bap and Wu-tang like vibe. While the gritty rap group has undoubtedly made their way to the top, one can’t help but wonder what else does the queen city have to offer?

As a Buffalo native and artist, I’ve developed a familiar relationship with the music scene and would like to shed light on rising stars in the city. While I’ll try to cover as much ground as I can, it’s impossible to mention every act worth listening to. The city itself offers a plethora of talent, and I couldn’t be more proud. First up is C4W2, C4W2 is a Duo consisting of Chango4 & Way2wavybaby. These women are the embodiment of badass, and it shines through their music. Chango and Wavy dabble in a little bit of everything ranging from fashion all the way to event curation. Their uniqueness can’t really be put in a one genre box, and that’s part of their allure. The range that these artists offer guarantees you’ll find something of theirs you’ll like. A project of theirs you should check out is “Planet 9”.

Next up is Jon Bap, who might be one of buffalo’s best-hidden gems. John bap consistently delivers, and while he’s been quiet for the last few years, he has a very impressive catalog. While it’s also hard to label his music with a genre, let’s say he makes experimental jazz/soul. Bap usually plays every instrument on his songs, and it only takes one listen to realize just how freakishly talented he is. A song I think you should check out, accompanied by his significant other and frequent Kendrick Lamar collaborator Anna Wise is “Nova”.

Rodagues pronounced (road-uh-geez) is an alternative hip hop group. Taking the reins of leadership in the community, they’ve thrown dozens of shows over the years. Rodagues makes it cool to be yourself, and has an immense roster of artists that parallel the dynamics of Oddfuture. Every artist in this group has something worth listening to, whether it be the wicked rhyming of Be_daylight, or the skillfully crafted production of Kage Durden. Rodagues has serious depth, and I’m extremely blessed to be able to call this group my family. A project of ours you should check out is “Art is exhausting”.

Next up is powerhouse Freak The Miighty, with their name it’s no surprise that this group effortlessly connects to their young adult audiences. This modern era rap group consists of four members. Two lead vocalists Suskingbrad/Neftali and two producers Karmabeads/Namic. These four have a cult following in the city and tear the stage down wherever they perform. The serenades of Suskingbrad and the cerebral rap verses of Neftali stick together like glue and make for easy listening. A song of theirs you should check out is “Gardens”.

Ooze gang are real veterans, and have been a vital part to the growth of this scene for as long as I can remember. The whole community looks up to these OGs and they’ve taken on the big brother role helping many talents reach their full potential. Gaines is your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper, Skate’s the Marlon Brando of bars, and Hood is your Edgar Allan poet. This group seems to always be in the right place at the right time, and it should come as no surprise when they inevitably break through to the top. A song of theirs you should check out is “S. Miles”.

One thing that separates Buffalo’s music scene from other cities is their sense of community. Everyone knows everyone here, and the tightly woven network feels like one big family. The closeness gives artists a comfortability that other music scenes don’t offer and rings true to the city’s slogan “The city of good neighbors ‘. For decades the most recognizable musician out of Buffalo was none other than legendary R&B singer Rick James. Living in the singer’s shadow was hard to break free from, but now it seems like a thing of the past. Buffalo has gone through a renaissance so to say, the city is more alive than ever before. For anyone willing to listen, it’s not hard to find an act you’ll fall in love with. The city has a very dense population of talented musicians and artists alike. If putting in the work to find new artists isn’t your thing, there are blogs dedicated to doing the work for you. Sneakvibingblog and BHHC have made it their mission to make sure anyone worth listening to in the city is highlighted in one place. I hope you can find the time to listen to any of these artists even if it’s just one. In the words of The Fly God himself “Buffalo breeds talent.”