Brooklyn rapper Luna Heist is bridging the gap between music and art

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We are living in a day and age where the majority of musicians attempt to take shortcuts to gain recognition for their craft. During these times it seems that the music itself isn’t as important as eye popping visuals, a large social media following or a viral Tik-Tok dance. However it’s because of these unfortunate circumstances that when authentic talent comes in sight it becomes easier to recognize. Take this past weeks guest on The Ryan Show Spotlight, Brooklyn born emcee Luna Heist for instance. While stopping by to promote her new single “The Heist” we learned that she is a “jack of all trades” and utilizes a plethora of talents to help organically elevate her brand.

As we’ve mentioned, the fans of our platform want actual rap – powerful language and high caliber delivery. Luna’s new single brings both of these elements, all while putting her unique technique on full display. When I first saw the cover art for The Heist the Alice in Wonderland-esque bunny rabbit made me do a double take. It was later revealed to me that Luna herself created the third-eye bending artwork for the song!

“The Heist” by Luna Heist is available now on all platforms.

Luna is a real life renaissance woman, which is almost as rare as the non-generic and authentic music that she’s been pumping out. Check out her Instagram page for more links to her music and behind the scenes footage.


The Ryan Show Spotlight featuring Luna Heist

Official Luna Heist Website


  1. Lee

    It’s was amazing watching her on IG live on theryanshow. Love her amazing she got the voice and rhythm

  2. JahLogic

    #Dopeness dope artist 💪🏾


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