Brady vs. Mahomes: A Clash Of Two Eras

by | Feb 6, 2021 | Editorial Pick, Sports Report | 1 comment

In a few days we will witness for the first time in sports history, the clash of two GOATS. Tom Brady will represent the greatest quarterback of all time while Patrick Mahomes will represent his successor. Will Brady further cement his legacy as the greatest to ever do it?, or will Mahomes win to secure the mantle as Brady’s successor to potentially surpass him as the greatest of all time? Come Sunday, less than 24 hours away, all of these questions will be answered. 

I don’t think many people truly understand the magnitude and enormity of this Superbowl. Brady vs Mahomes is as close as Jordan vs Lebron or Ali vs Tyson as it gets. Rarely do we ever get to see 2 great players that were/are the best of their respective eras face off in the grandest stage. This year in Super Bowl 55 we will see just that. To truly understand how unique this Super Bowl matchup  is, one has to fully appreciate the greatness of Brady and Mahomes. Tom Brady has been universally recognized by many people as the best to ever play in the NFL. Moreover, at the age of 43, he is still playing at a very high level. It makes this matchup that much more intriguing. The accomplishments of Patrick Mahomes’ young career are definitely something to marvel at as well. In his first full season as a starter, Mahomes managed to throw 50 touchdowns, earn First Team All-Pro honors, while securing the league MVP. Again, this was all in his FIRST year as full time starter. That is simply remarkable. In just his third NFL season, he is heading to his second consecutive Super Bowl


Patrick Mahomes’ career is trending the way many of us assumed Aaron Rodgers’ career would go. He is essentially a better version of Aaron Rodgers, with better weapons and a better coach. That’s scary. There’s a lot at stake for Mahomes in this game, certainly more for him than his opponent Brady. Win or lose, Tom Brady’s legacy, career, and GOAT status is already secured. Another Super Bowl for Brady would simply be more icing on a cake that’s already drowning in icing. A win for Mahomes would create/begin two narratives. The first being that the proverbial torch has been passed from Brady to him. The second being that this Chiefs’ dynasty talk will certainly pick up momentum and start to circulate and dominate sports show hot takes and barbershop conversations. Mahomes faces another dilemma should he lose on Sunday to Tom Brady and the Bucs. He would all but forfeit his claim to “greatest of all time.” Even if Mahomes then went and won 4 or 5 more Super Bowls, the history will always show he lost to the original GOAT while he was in his prime.

To use an NBA example, Jordan would be Brady and Mahomes would be Lebron. If Lebron and Jordan both in their primes met in the NBA finals and Jordan lost to Lebron, it would be much harder for Jordan fans to justify the notion of Jordan’s superiority to Lebron. Now I know all this seems trivial, but this is what’s at stake for Patrick Mahomes. This matchup is one of the most highly anticipated games in recent American sports history. We never got Ali vs Tyson. We never got Jack Nicklaus vs Tiger Woods. We never got Jordan vs Lebron. But on Sunday, the universe is making up for it by giving us Tom Brady vs Patrick Mahomes. To say I am pumped and excited is a massive understatement. The culmination of Brady’s legacy will be put to the test against prolific evolution of one Patrick Mahomes.  With this matchup, I think it is safe to say, regardless of the outcome, the viewers have already won.

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  1. dnasty

    Great takes yo, agree more pressure on mahomes than Brady but def think at this point if anyone doesn’t think Brady is undisputed NFL goat they’re just delusional lol


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