America’s Metaverse Alpha City is the Future of Live Participation Entertainment

by | Jul 23, 2022 | Business, Editorial Pick, Latest, Science, Trending, Worldwide News

Welcome to Alpha City, the future of the internet and social networking technology. Alpha City is The Social Business Lifestyle Metaverse ERC, fully equipped with a 300,000 capacity globally accessible theater, and the potential to make billions in revenue over the next five years. The technology is the first of its kind, and was built on the Unreal Engine 5 software for Web 3. Alpha City will be home to a Casino, shopping malls, golf courses, title licensed boxing, day and night clubs, virtual offices,,car dealerships, Meta-weddings, and all other regular life functions including businesses and meta-dating.

The group of minds behind the rise of America’s Metaverse are not to be taken lightly. Dealmaker Mark Anthony Posner (Posnerland LLC) created a merger that will take ALPHA City to new heights. Visionary developer and creator Jorge Guinovart has built Alpha City on The Unreal Engine, the state-of-the-art VR, Web 3 project that is the most desired in today’s Blockchain, NFT, Defi, Multiverse, and Brand industry. The prestigious members of the Alpha board of directors are planning a 10 concert movie-and live theater complex donning a full theme park project, Meta-Fashion Shopping, and food- verse, estimated to bring in north of 1 Trillion Dollars in revenue.

Virtual presentations including Miss Metaverse, The Meta Food and Wine Festival, P2E games, and many other Meta-Vision specials will be offered towards the end of 2022. Alpha City aims to bridge with all blockchains, creators, fashion, and all sales industries. The company speaks everyone’s language and makes it easy to do business. We are currently planning events in Las Vegas, Miami Beach, LA, Manhattan, and The Hamptons. Alpha City is indisputably Americas Metaverse.

If you’re not in Alpha, You’re in The Wrong Metaverse!

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